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New Roots Farm in Canon City is a small family farm located on five acres. Drawing on the Arkansas River for irrigation water, we produce a diverse variety of predominantly heirloom vegetables for sale through a CSA program, farmers markets, and wholesale. Our farming philosophy is based on the idea that a strong connection to the land is the foundation for healthy communities and cultures. We believe the act of growing and sharing good food is integral to strengthening connections between people with each other and with place. We recognize the farm as an ecosystem, and our ever-evolving farming practices are centered on regenerative agriculture concepts such as building soil health and fertility and increasing biodiversity.  Though not certified organic, we do not use any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, instead relying on natural pest control methods and a combination of minimum tillage, cover crops, crop rotation, compost and manure application, and managed grazing of goats, chickens, and guinea hens to generate soil fertility.  At New Roots Farm, our passion is to feed our community in a way that restores and regenerates people and land. 

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New Roots Farm

Sarah Hamilton 719-671-4273 newrootsfarmllc@gmail.com